Beef & Pork



Oliver’s Produce has worked hard to provide you with as much homegrown and local fresh produce as possible since 1998. We are proud to offer you our newest product: homegrown beef and pork.

All of the animals are raised right here on the farm. All of our steers are Holsteins, raised right along side our dairy herd. They are grass and grain fed. The pigs are of mixed varieties. They are fed similarly to the cows; except during the growing season they are also fed extra homegrown produce.

Once they are ready, they are brought to a USDA inspected butcher. The butcher packages the meat into retail sized, air tight packaging. It is flash frozen to lock in the freshness and flavor. We offer a variety of beef and pork cuts, along with delicious smoked pork products as well. It is a great alternative for the person who loves homegrown meat, but does not have the space to buy in bulk. For someone who wants more than a couple packages at once, we also offer great packages that provide multiple cuts for a discounted price. Have lots of space? Feel free to contact us for information on purchasing half and whole animals.

The steaks have excellent marbling, the ground beef makes delicious and juicy burgers, and our bacon is addicting. Whatever meal you are looking to create, we have a cut of meat that is right for you. It’s available all year long, so your enjoyment is never limited to the growing season.